Can I give them more stars!?! I would if I could.

The team behind Flower Girls Floral Design was a joy to work with for my daughter’s wedding. Jenny & Courtney perfectly captured the essence of my daughter’s vision for her special day.

As the Mother of the Bride, it was my desire to help make the flower process a fun and stress-free part of her wedding experience. They were open and responsive to all of her requests and took a creative approach to finding the perfect solutions, from the flowers at the ceremony and reception, to the stunning bridal bouquet.

If you are looking for a team with creative ideas, an eye for details and an easy rapport with the bride, I would highly recommend the team behind Flower Girls Floral Design. When I look at her wedding photos – the flowers certainly stand out as a big part of the smile on my daughter’s face.

- JL

Courtney and Jenny are amazing and the flowers from my wedding were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I still have people comment to me about my bouquet, almost a year later, when they see pictures in my house or when memories of my wedding day come up. I didn’t have much of an idea as far as floral went for my wedding but Jenny and Courtney brought to life what I didn’t even know I wanted or was envisioning. They are so amazing and easy to work with. I really can’t imagine two better people to have worked with.

- Annalise

Courtney and Jenny are fantastic. We were blown away by the flower arrangements for our wedding. They really impressed us, and their care and effort really showed through there designs. Not only do you want to work with the Flower Girls Floral Design because of their impressive arrangements and attention to detail, you want to work with them because Courtney and Jenny are the type of people you want a part of your wedding day.

We were one of the many couples this year that had their wedding plans disrupted by the pandemic. Our original wedding date was set for the end of March 2020. We postponed till early August 2020, then ultimately cancelled our original wedding plans for a much smaller (140 people to 9), Covid-cautious backyard ceremony. There was a lot of ups and downs, a lot of phone calls with vendors about what our wedding may look like, and what would work for our vendors. It was very hard for us, for me. Courtney and Jenny were flexible, supportive, and beyond kind. We appreciated having them a part of our wedding team, and a part of our wedding story.

- Julia